A World Denied

‘Stand on the island of glass and look toward the great circle.’

Somebody had known something once. Why would people not keep records?

Three years ago Rebecca was drawn into hunting for a doorway to another world, and cannot forget the terrible consequences of finding it. And it seems she is still involved.

When the heating in her flat breaks down, Rebecca pays a visit to her friend in Oxford – good company, a change of scene, and warmth; what could be better? But by Sunday the university boathouse has burned down, there are reports of a strange animal loose on the streets, and three old Oxford professors are showing far too much interest in her.

What is being built amid the ashes on the riverbank? Who is the mysterious tramp in outlandish clothes? And what is the significance of the Queen of Clubs?

Soon Rebecca has embarked on a quest for another rift between the worlds, and this time she fears she is alone. But the World Invisible stretches wide, and there is a stranger in Vermont who is trying to reach England…


Book 2 of the World Invisible trilogy