I’ve been a compulsive writer since primary school, when I was sometimes allowed to skip PE in order to finish a story.  I also make art textiles, practise rudimentary gardening (it takes a lot of practice, I find), and wish I would draw more often than I do.
I am wife to one engineer and mother to two more, and am very happily settled on the edge of the Northumberland moors, north of The Wall where the barbarians live. But that’s all quite boring. Here are some other facts about me.

  • My favourite number is four. I wish it wasn’t. Four is so stable and sensible. I wish my favourite number was three, which is lopsided and magical. But sadly it’s four.
  • My favourite colours are also the colours I like to wear: blue, grey, violet and cold, cold brown. Except that I also love orange and would never wear that.
  • Alone in my office, I once belted out ‘Cabaret’ in the style of Liza Minelli without realising everyone in the high-level meeting next door could hear.
  • I love reading aloud and think I’m pretty good at it. I never liked my sons listening to audio tapes of stories read by mere actors, who would be bound to get the voices wrong.
  • I tried to spill coffee over the boy I fancied at work in order to get into conversation with him, but he dodged.
  • I then stole his address from the Personnel files so that I could accidentally be passing, but it was a cul-de-sac so that wouldn’t work either.
  • So I threw a party and invited two married couples and him. That did work, and a year later we were married.

I’ve worked in local government, public libraries, a book shop, stables and an art gallery. I’m a freelance journalist and have sat on the committees of three craft guilds and a choral society. I’ve got more or less to grips with Procreate and Photoshop. And I’m really glad I learned to touch type.